3-year-old Sport French Championships

3 year-old Sport Horses Championship

Geldings & fillies SF of 3 years old

- Wednesday, October 31st and Thurday, November 1st

- During Equita'Lyon -



Selle Français Stud-book will be honoured to welcome you on October 31st and November 1st while Equita'Lyon, for the finale of the French National Championship for 3 year-old Selle Français sport horses. These young geldings and fillies are broken and ready on a jumping course, representing the elite of their generation. They've been chosen throughout regional competitions and only the best of them were invited to this finale! 

Some of them may be our future champions and follow the steps of the Olympic NINO DES BUISSONNETS SF or the European Champion CASTLE FORBES MYRTILLE PAULOIS SF! 

During this championship, every horses will be judged not only on their locomotion, balance and jumping quality but also on their availability, ease of use, and dressage quality. The finale will be composed of 3 different tests divided on 2 days: 

  • Under-saddle Gaits & Jumping
  • Free-jumping
  • Conformation

A commercial operation will be proposed. Finalist horses on sale will be notified during the whole event: mark in the catalogue, on the boxes, red knot...