poulinieres SF

Several ways to produce in the Selle Français breed :


  • Selle Français broodmares automatically produce in the SF breed if they are crossbred with an SF licensed stallion (from the SF breed or another one). The same goes for broodmares belonging to breeds historically constituent of the Selle Français breed: Thoroughbred, AQPS, Anglo-Arab, DSAA, Trotting horse.
  • An SF-factor foreign mare automatically produces in the SF breed when crossbred with an SF-licensed Selle Français stallion
  • When crossbred with an SF-licensed stallion which does not belong itself to the Selle Français breed, foreign broodmares  have to be SF-certified, in order for their offspring to be registered in the SF Stud-Book.

 More information in the « Useful documents » section.


SF CERTIFICATION : a new oportunity

Breeders can have their foreign broodmares SF certified by a label.
SF-certified foreign broodmares can thus produce in the Selle Français breed if they are crossbred with an SF licensed stallion.
Explanations and Forms in the « Useful documents » section.

More information in the « Useful documents » section.


a QUALITATIVE approach for broodmares

The SF stud-book launched a qualitative approach in order to highlight the best mares of the stud-book, with the help of quality labels. Since our stud-book is managed by socio-professional breeders who are aware that assessing the quality of broodmares is a priority, we decided to launch an action aimed at promoting and enhancing the female section of the breed.

This promotion of the « female section » strives to enable a global genetic improvement of the mares thanks to an early selection and a careful selection of the best producers. The objective is also to facilitate commercial trading by encouraging breeders to improve the genetic value of their stock, by renewing it with good fillies.

The goal is to make the Selle Français Stud-book as ”readable” as possible, both on a national and an international scale.

poulinières SF

These labels can be considered as useful tools that will help breeders reflect on the best crossings. They also allow to highlight a breeder’s production, and can help potential buyers decide whether or not buy a particular horse.


4 labels et 3 Distinctions

Mares belonging to the Selle Français Stud-book can obtain 4 labels:

  • Sports performances

  • Qualities as a broodmare (sports performances of their products)

  • Maternal lineage value

  • Morphological qualities (Assessment on Conformation and Gaits)

For each label, 3 levels are applied: ELITE / EXCELLENT / VERY GOOD



It is based on sports performances of the mare itself

Treshold  Label's designation
ISO ( ICC ou IDR) ≥140 ELITE SPORT (Jumping, Eventing, DRESSAGE)
120≤Index<140 EXCELLENT SPORT (Jumping, Eventing, DRESSAGE)
110≤Index<120 VERY GOOD SPORT (Jumping, Eventing, DRESSAGE)


Treshold  Label's designation

Grade ≥16/20
ou ≥ 8/10


14/20 ≤ grade < 16/20
ou 7/10 ≤ grade < 8/10


13/20 ≤ grade <14/20
ou 6/10 ≤ grade < 7/10




Translates the reproducer quality of the mare, i.e. sports performance of its products, translated in numbers of points. The broodmare’s points are the sum of the products’ points (the latter are calculated based on performance indexes (12 = 2pts; 132 = 3.2 pts…))

Treshold  Label's designation
Between 4 and 8 pts EXCELLENT BROODMARE
Between 2 and 4pts VERY GOOD BROODMARE



The evaluation of the mare’s maternal lineage is based on the sports performances of the 4 generations of « dams », and on the sports performances of the latter’s direct offspring.

Treshold  Label's designation
30 pts
and + (8/10 et +)
Between 20 and 30 pts
(7/10 et +)
Between 15 and 20 pts
(6/10 et +)



In order to communicate on the labels in a clear and systematic way, and to allow breeders to promote their products, the Selle Français Stud-book is setting up 3 lines of communication on the labels.

In a first phase, Labels will be displayed on the programmes of the 2013 Selle Français Finals, starting in August with the Fillies and Foals finals. The labels will therefore feature on the pedigree of each horse, thus offering breeders as well as potential buyers clear information about the quality of the horse’s maternal lineage. Eventually, the Labels will be published in the programme of every breeding competition.


The second big communication line consists in providing every breeder whose mares has one or more labels an official document vouching for it. The Selle Français Stud-book is considering setting up a downloadable card on which the mare’s labels will be officially displayed. The breeders will thus be able to use this document as they wish to highlight their broodmares and their products (on the stables doors for example or on their websites…)


Lastly, the best broodmares of the stud-book will be promoted on the Selle Français communications means: Magazine, website…