Thanks to a meticulous selection, the Selle Français horse became a worldwide reference.

The Selle Français horse features on the WBFSH World Breed Ranking podium in Show Jumping and in Eventing. Thanks to Nino des Buissonnets’ wonderful performance at London 2012 Olympic Games, the Selle Français horse is the current Show Jumping Olympic Champion.

The SF genetics are highly sought after in the whole world, and it influenced the main international Stud-Books. Some stallions such as Cor de la Bryère sf (Rantzau ps) and Furioso II sf (Furioso ps) in Germany or Almé sf throughout Europe, and its offspring, like Jalisco B sf or Quidam de Revel sf are considered as top sires.
The offspring of Nankin sf (Fra Diavolo ps), Uriel sf (Nankin sf) and Grand Veneur sf (Amour du Bois sf) are also sought after worldwide.

The offspring of Nankin sf (Fra Diavolo ps), Uriel sf (Nankin sf) and Grand Veneur sf (Amour du Bois sf) are also sought after worldwide.

Nino des buissonnets SF / Champion Olympique 2012
Ibrahim SF
Grand Veneur SF
Almé SF


Until the 20th century, saddle horses in France were mainly selected for war. Over the centuries, they acquired qualities that were necessary to war horses: courage, strength, ease of use, and a mental up to any test. It is at the beginning of the 20th century, with the Industrial Revolution and mechanization, that the use of saddle horse started to evolve. French breeders decided to focus on the production of sport horses, so as to fulfill the changing needs of a society which was becoming more and more focused on sports and leisure. This trend led to the creation of the Selle Français Stud-Book. In December 1958, different breeds of half-bred regional horses were brought together under the same designation called “SELLE FRANCAIS”, considering half-bred Anglo-Norman, Vendéen and Charolais horses as main saddle horse representatives in France. This is how the Selle Français breed was born!

The Selle Français horse today


Six keywords preside over the characterization of the Selle Français horse: Performance and Versatility, Energy, Elegance, Strength and Intelligence.

Due to the diversity of its origins, the Selle Français horse doesn’t really have a standard model. However, as it is used mostly as a sport horse, it is often a tall horse (1,65m to 1,70m – 5.41 ft to 5.58 ft) with a strong skeletal structure, strength and blood. The Selle Français horse is actually an athlete, combining model and intelligence, naturally gifted with a good learning capacity. Half-bred mares were improved by cross-breeding them with genetically foreign stallions (Thoroughbreds, Anglo-Arabs, French Trotting horses). Those crossings enriched the uniqueness of sport horse breeding in France and produced in the 50’s and 60’s the top sires whose offspring are found today in the top competitions.


Today, thanks to assisted reproduction (80% of artificial inseminations), the Selle Français horse is bred everywhere in France as well as in other countries.


  • 8  000 Selle Français breeders are listed in 2012, with an average of 1.7 broodmares per breeder.
  • 7  000 Selle Français Foals are born each year.
  • 12 000 Selle Français mares are serviced each year
  • 700 approved stallions can produce Selle Français offspring.


The Selle Français horse is mostly a sport horse, as this is the main objective of its selection. Foals and 2 and 3 year-old young horses first take part in breeding competitions to qualify for finals.

On a sport level, the Selle Français horse starts its training at 4 years old and keeps going at 5 and 6 years old on specific trials, designed for young horses and adapted according to the age and the  horse’s abilities. National finals take place in September in Fontainebleau for Show Jumping, in Pompadour for Eventing, in Saumur for Dressage and in Uzès for endurance.

The Selle Français horse is widely accepted as one of the best horses in the world in Show Jumping and Eventing. In Dressage competitions, the performances of Selle Français horses keep improving every year, and let’s not forget outstanding results from numerous Selle Français horses in vaulting, carriage driving, and TREC competitions.

The Selle Français Stud-Book has been ranked 3rd in Show Jumping (WBFSH 2012) and 1st in Eventing (WBFSH 2011).

During the last Olympics, in 2012 in London, Nino des Buissonnets sf (Kannan x Hermine du Prelet sf by Narcos II sf) was crowned Olympic Champion in Show Jumping with Swiss rider Steve Guerdat.  Noblesse des Tess SF( Cumano x Philadelphine SF by Irake SF) won a bronze team medal with Saudi Arabia.
In Eventing, Opgun Louvo sf (Shogoun II sf et Vanille du Tertre sf by J’T’Adore sf) obtained the team gold and the individual bronze medals, with Sandra Auffarth for Germany.

These outstanding performances are the results of years of selection and the outcome of Selle Français breeders’ work and dedication.

And let’s not forget that the Selle Français horse is also a wonderful companion for learning and equestrian leisure. He is the ideal partner for all equestrian ambitions…

Opgun Louvo SF
Orient Express*HDC SF
Qlassic Bois Margot SF
Baloubet du rouet SF


The Selle Français boasts renowned genetics that are exported worldwide.

The Selle Français blood is present worldwide. Its genetics fed the best Stud-Books. Cor de la Bryère sf (Rantzau ps) to the Holsteiner, Almé sf (Ibrahim sf) to Zangersheide, Furioso sf (ex Vertuoso by Furioso ps) to the Oldenbourg and more recently Quidam de Revel sf (Jalisco B sf) to Danemark, established a true top Sire.

Through their sons and grandsons, all the Stud-Books drew the blood of Jalisco B sf (Almé sf), Uriel sf (Nankin sf) and Grand Veneur sf (Amour du Bois sf).

Today, the son of Galoubet A sf and Mésange du Rouet sf (Starter sf), Baloubet du Rouet sf, is ranked N°1 Stallion (WBFSH 2012).